Decorating with Artificial Wisteria

Decorating with Artificial Wisteria

Designing interiors with artificial wisteria: Either its beautiful purple or captivating pink or just the white glory is no doubt that wisteria is the on-trend way to decorate your home or business. Dripping with romantic clusters of white, lilac, purple, or pink flowers, it is an alluring vine that recreates an old French country garden feel to your offices or apartment. 

Natural wisteria is a climbing plant that can be hard to take care of, as it needs a lot of pruning. But a great alternative is Bethelmendels artificial wisteria.

Our nearly natural wisteria looks like the real thing but would not fade under sunlight or wilt in terrible weather. Also, this means it is perfect for floral décor for creating luxurious floral arrangements for restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. 

Designing interiors with artificial wisteria

Artificial wisteria looks stunning around trees or wooden archway. Also, it will instantly make any terrace or balcony look sunny and exotic.

Placing faux flowers at the exterior of any business adds a chic aesthetic and creates an Instagram worthy backdrop. 

Nothing says exquisite like colorful flowers twining around your entrance.

Artificial wisteria has many applications if you are opting for interior floral décor. It’s widely used as flower walls for events such as weddings and fashion shows, or twined around arches, both inside and outside buildings. Wisteria looks wonderful when trained around windows and doorways. 

Artificial wisteria is a cost-effective way to create a statement that is always memorable.

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