Types of Artificial Grass Infills.

Types of Artificial Grass Infills.
Is Your Turf More Beautiful With Sand Infill?

You probably won’t assume it, but your artificial lawn looks more beautiful with sand fill. The sand helps the fibers look more erect, also by brushing in the sand, the fibers come to stand in different positions. This benefit becomes more obvious over time and also giving it a natural look. It slows the process of your lawn becoming flattened through walking.

Artificial Grass Infill Materials

The types of artificial grass infill to use depends on your requirements. Like how heavy the foot traffic on your yard or the depth and density of your lawn.

Silica Sand

Silica sand is the most common turf infill material and the most affordable of all the artificial grass infills. Kiln-dried silica sand is the most ideal for optimal performance and to prevent headaches down the road. The term kiln-dried silica sand refers to the process of being subjected to extremely high temperatures to burn off moisture and organics. It’s very fine sand which makes it easy to install properly and resistant to weed growth.

Acrylic Infill with Anti-Microbials

The best option for artificial grass infill designed to fight odors with its anti-microbial properties. They are also ideal for yards with pets. Pet urine on turf generates odor when regular sand is used. But acrylic infill fights back the smell.

artificial lawn sand fill
artificial lawn sand fill

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