Synthetic Grass VS Paving Pt.1

Synthetic Grass VS Paving Pt.1

So you’re planning a home garden, you may be contemplating which will be the best – paving or artificial grass. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of surfacing. But fake grass does have some distinct advantages over a hard standing.

We’ve examined the many advantages of artificial grass in previous posts. In this latest portion, we’re examining some of the advantages artificial grass has over paving in a garden environment.

Cheaper Installation

Synthetic grass is cheaper to install than paving for several reasons. Firstly, the ground preparation for artificial grass involves less excavation. Labor time required is reduced, as the installation is far quicker.
An artificial grass installer could complete installation of around 100m2 in 2–3 days. A patio installation may take double this amount of time or more.

No Mess

This may sound obvious, with fake grass there’s no mud or mess.
No longer do you need a hard standing as you’ll be able to walk over your fake turf without worrying about muddy feet. And of course, fake grass will also feel softer and look more natural in your garden, as opposed to a paved path.

Artificial Grass is Highly Permeable 

Artificial turf can allow up to 52 liters of water to drain through its perforated backing per square meter, per minute.

With proper installation, this means that you won’t get any standing water on your artificial turf.

Paving, on the other hand, requires the installer to put a fall on the paving to channel any surface water run-off to a drain.

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paving or artificial grass
paving or artificial grass