3 Extra Things to Know About Artificial Grass

facts on artificial turf: Artificial grass has so many uses, and we’re all probably aware of how popular they are in both commercial and resident properties. However, synthetic grass is extremely versatile and is used for all kinds of different sports.

Sports teams love it

Well, everyone knows that. The original AstroTurf was created for the Houston Astros baseball team. Today professional and amateur sports teams across the country have embraced artificial turf as their official play surface.

It’s environmentally green

Artificial turf has natural grass beat hands down. When it comes to saving precious water and eliminating pollution with poisonous lawn care chemicals.

It’s user-friendly

Not only do you save on water and supplies, you save time and effort because artificial grass virtually eliminates the human labor of lawn care.

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facts on artificial turf

5 things to know about artificial grass

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