How To Install Artificial Grass

how to install artificial grass how to install artificial grass

Before Installation:

Remove existing materials and rough grade the area to create a solid sub base. Rough grade the area to uncover everything underneath, including electric wiring, irrigation, and pipes. Install the bender board to provide a clean separation for plants and turf.

Base Construction:

Install a less crushed base to allow for proper drainage. Install this layer three inches deep. Distribute base and make sure it is level to account for any sloping areas. Install the drainage area. A smooth base will account for the surface level appearance for the project.

Compacting Base:

Compact base by tamping and rolling the gravel. This ensures the base is solid so nails can be driven into the turf.

Laying Turf:

Find a straight edge of the turf or a perpendicular edge for alignment. Square to fit the area and minimize cutting and fitting on all four sides. Secure the turf edges with nails to hold it in place.

Apply Adhesive:

Use a power brush to force grass blades up for adhesive gum to be applied. Apply your specified gum layer. The gum layer acts as a balance to hold the blades upright and provides the turf with more weight.

Custom Fitting Turf:

Overcut the turf by one inch along the edges to provide excess turf necessary for tucking. If there are doubts, cut the turf fatter than estimated as it can be trimmed later. Use a seaming tool to seam edges together. Cut the seams in an S-shape to avoid the turf pushing up. Install nails every six inches along the edges and drive them ┬ż of the way down. Use U-shaped nails for the seams to join the turf edges together.

Final Groom:

 Remove any excess debris.

how to install artificial grass

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