Why Our Artificial Grass Doesn’t Fade

Why Our Artificial Grass Doesn’t Fade. Earlier artificial turfs used to lose its color after prolonged exposure to the sun.

The Nylon fiber began to fade fast, and within a few years the fake grass actually looked fake.

Unlike early artificial turfs, in which color was directly applied to the fiber’s surface like paint.

The natural color in today’s artificial grasses by Bethelmendels are embedded in the polyethylene grass blades. The color is locked into the plastic, it won’t bleed over time, and won’t fade away like the paint.

The sun’s rays that can bleach some materials, our modern artificial grass is also treated with UV inhibitors. As a result, artificial grass retains its supple texture and green appearance year after year in all conditions.

Because our artificial grass possesses a better design and manufacturing processes to keep it green.

Our artificial grass is warrantied against fading and degradation. So our customers’ artificial lawn is guaranteed to stay satisfyingly green.

Why Our Artificial Grass Doesn't Fade

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