Make N100,000 Monthly Profit Reselling Mendels Mattress Protector

Water Proof mattress protector

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About The Product

Mendels Mattress Protector is produced with a soft water- proof mackintosh that is fitted with a zipper. it is designed to protect and prolong the life-span of any mattress

Huge Market Potential and the Money Making Opportunity

A Mattress is a basic necessity in every home, This is because it is used to provide comfort for sleeping. There is no household in Nigeria you go to where you would not find at least one mattress. Some large families even have up to 3-5 mattresses. The demand for mattresses is continuous as new people get married to start new families and new babies are born from time to time. That is why you find out that mattress companies like Mouka Foam and Vitafoam have been in business for ages.

Now, mattresses like any other household products are subject to depreciation: they can get dirty; the cloth cover can get torn; they can be wet with fluid or urine; they can be infested with bed bug etc.  Hence people will often buy new mattresses when their old mattresses are affected by the above depreciating factors.

In order to prolong the lifespan of any mattress and save individual owners the huge cost of replacing their mattresses from time to time, BethelMendels Group has introduced into the Nigerian market a premium mattress cover product – Mendels Mattress Protector.

Apart from households, Hotels, school hostels, hospitals, orphanage homes etc also need the mattress protectors

Instruction for usage

Open the zipper and place the mattress inside the protector, and then close up the zipper. The mattress will be fully covered and protected


1.   The water- resistant mackintosh material does not allow urine, sweat or water to penetrate to wet the mattress.

2.   It is good for nursing mothers

3.   It protects new mattresses from getting dirty or torn

4.   It is a perfect new cover for old, dirty or torn mattresses

5.   It is washable, hence it ensures continuous cleanliness of the mattress

6.   Ideal for use at Homes, School Hostels, Hotels and Hospitals

7.    It is a perfect remedy for a mattress that is infested with bed bug. The protector covers the mattress, suffocate and kill the bed bugs

 Regular Sizes/ Retails prices

1.   7x6x12’’, 7x6x10’’ ( N9,000)

2.   6x6x12’’, 6x6x10’’, 6x6x8’’, 6x6x6’’ (N8,000)

3.   4 ½ x6x12’’, 4 ½ x6x10’’, 4 ½ x6x8’’,4 ½ x6x6 (N7,000)

4.   3 ½ x6x10’’, 3 ½ x6x8, 3 ½ x6x6 (N6,000)

5.   2 ½ x6x6 (N5,000)

6.   Hospital bed mattress (LEATHER), 3x6x8 (N10,000)

7.   Special sizes: call for price

Wholesale (reseller) prices

1.   7×6 …..N7,000

2.   6×6……N6,000

3.   4.5X6…N5,000

4.   3.5X6…N4,000

5.   2.5X6…N3,000

6.   Hospital bed mattress ( leather)……N7,000


How to make N100,000 monthly income as a Reseller/marketer of Mendels Mattress Protector

The profit margin for each size of the mattress protector is N2,000 each

If you sell 50 pcs in a month, your income will be 50 x N2,000 = N100,000

Simple marketing strategy you can use to help you make quick sales

Target buyers

The market potential for Mendels Mattress Protector is so huge and untapped;

*Every household needs it* Hotels * Hospital *School Hostels

1.    Word of mouth: one on one personal sales

2.    Whatsapp marketing: share and market to contacts of whatsapp

3.    Facebook marketing: run ad on facebook page, post and share in group

4.    Instagram marketing: run instagram ad,

5.    Sell on ecommerce stores: Konga, Jumia

6.    Sell on classified websites: Jiji, olist

7.    Target hotels, schools and hospitals, send letter of online and hardcopy proposal to market your product to them.

8.    Send bulk SMS messages to target customers

To be a Reseller/Marketer

Call/ Whatsapp:  08180065490, 08087656176

BethelMendels Int’l Ltd

27, Atinuke Olabanji street. Off Awolowo Way, by Balogun bus/ stop Ikeja-Lagos