Mendels Mattress Protector

Water Proof mattress protector

Mendels Mattress Protector helps to protect and prolong the life-span of your mattress. It is designed with a soft water-proof mackintosh and a zipper

Are you a nursing mother and your kids urinate to soil your mattress? You need Mendels Mattress Protector!!

Do you have a new mattress and you desire to protect it from getting dirty, torn, naked or soiled with liquid substance??  You need  Mendels Mattress Protector.

Do you have a naked, dirty or torn mattress? You need Mendels Mattress Protector to provide a new cover for your mattress- You do not need to buy a new mattress!

Do you need to protect mattresses used in hotel, hospital and school Hostels? Mendels Mattress Protector will save cost of frequent replacement of mattresses


1.   The water- resistant mackintosh material does not allow urine, sweat or water to penetrate to wet the mattress.

2.   It is good for nursing mothers

3.   It protects new mattresses from getting dirty, torn or wet

4.   It is a perfect new cover for old, dirty or torn mattresses

5.   It also protects your mattress against bed bug invasion

6.   It is washable, thereby ensuring continuous cleanliness of your mattress

7.   Ideal for use at Homes, School Hostels, Hotels and Hospitals

Instruction for Use

Open the zipper of Mendels Protector and wear it on your mattress. Then close the zipper for complete coverage of your mattress.

Regular Mattress Sizes

1.   7x6x12’’

2.   7x6x10’’

3.   6x6x12’’

4.   6x6x10’’

5.   6x6x8’’

6.   6x6x6’’

7.   4 ½ x6x12’’

8.   4 ½ x6x10’’

9.   4 ½ x6x8’’

10. 4 ½ x6x6

11. 3 ½ x6x10’’

12. 3 ½ x6x8

13. 3 ½ x6x6

14. 2 ½ x6x6

Retail Prices for Mendels Mattress Protector

1.   7 x 6 ……….# 9,000

2.   6 x6………….#8,000

3.   4.5 x6………#7,000

4.   3.5 x6……….#6,000

5.   2.5 x6……….#5,000

To order for special sizes, kindly call for price 08180065490

Payment and Delivery

Pay on Delivery is available only in Lagos. Delivery charges within Lagos is  N1000- N2,000 depending on the location,

For delivery outside, charges range from N1,500 –N2,500 depending on the location and number of items purchased.

We use God is Good ( GiG) Logistics for delivery outside Lagos

How to order for Mendels Mattress Protector

1.  Call 08180065490, or clink on the whatsapp link below

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 to confirm your mattress size, and the quantity you wish to purchase

2.  Make your payment through bank transfer to

BethelMendels Nigeria, Zenith Bank, 1012765017

3.  Send the recipient full name, address/location and Phone number to 08180065490

4.  Your goods will be delivered within 1-5days depending on your location

Distributors Wanted Nationwide

Do you wish to be a distributor of Mendels Mattres Protector???

 Call/whatsapp 08087656176, 07065804088

This is a hot money making opportunity and distributors could make up to N200k monthly profit reselling the Mattress Protector.

 ( insert images of money here)

The market for Mattress Protector is huge: Every home in Nigeria needs Mendels Mattress Protector, not to mention Hotels, Hospitals and School hostels

Mendels Mattress Protector is markeketed and distributed by

Bethelmendels Group

27 Atinuke Olabanji Street, Off Awolowo way,Balogun B/stop,Ikeja, Lagos