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You Need To Know On how to run a profitable online store


WARNING!!!!. This opportunity can make you a multi-millionare, if you take action now! 

Have you ever thought of starting a personal business, but when you consider the huge cost of renting an office/shop, furnishing, stocking inventory and marketing, instantly the idea died prematurely, because you could not just figure out how you would get the needed start -up capital

Okay, let us say you have decided to start a personal business against all odds, but your challenge has been, “how do you get the right product to sell?, And how do you sell them fast?”

But never mind, let me introduce you to a 21st century business opportunity- E-Commerce retailing. Gone are the days when you have to rent a shop to sell your products, and expect passer-by to hop in to patronize you. With the advent of e-commerce retail store. Your “virtual shop” is open 24/7 to the world. People visit your shop and place order while you sleep

Mega e-commerce stores in Nigeria, like jumia, konga and dealdey are raking in billions of naira annually in sales turnover while the traditional retail outlets are struggling to stay alive. That goes to show you that customer shopping lifestyle is changing rapidly with technology. Now people want to seat in the comfort of their homes and offices and with just a click on their computers, they place order for any product of their choice and have it delivered to their door step. Amazing!

The bitter truth is that, in the next 5 years if your business is not online, you would be out of business. A lot of businesses are migrating offline to the virtual space. That is the trend. It is either you cue in or change will overtake you.

What are the benefits of having an e-commerce website?

Ecommerce is the activity of doing business activities on the Internet. It refers to buying and selling products and services on the Internet through a website. Ecommerce is short for electronic commerce. Also known as an online store, an ecommerce website has features that make it easy for customers to browse for products, pick them out, put them into a trolley, and then pay for them at checkout.

Many people are moving from physical stores to buy goods and services on the Internet. Today, 60% of shoppers in developed countries go to the Internet to buy goods and services. This method of shopping is loved because it is convenient. People can shop from the comfort of their houses. Unlike a regular brick and mortar store, an Ecommerce store stays up and running 24/7. Customers can get online and buy products at any time of the day. There are many benefits that ecommerce gives businesses. Read on to learn more.

1.       You do not need huge capital to get started. Once your online store is ready you are good to go

2.       You don’t need to rent an office/ shop, you can start from home. Your online store is your ‘virtual’ office

3.       You can do this business on part-time basis while you keep your regular job if you have one.

4.       With your ecommerce website, your customer base is not limited to your locality. You can sell and deliver to anybody in Nigeria

5.       Your online stop is open 24/7. Even at night, while you sleep, people visit and place order on your store.

6.       Online stores provide easy description of product features and benefits. It saves you the laborious time of explaining the product to customers

7.       You don’t need to stock product or keep large inventory. You only place purchase goods ordered for by your customers

8.       You do not need to showcase physical samples of your products as customers can easily visit your online store to see the pictures of your products

9.       Customers can easily find you online through search engine like google, yahoo etc

10.   You do not need to employ many people to run an online store, so you minimize your cost of doing business.


Our company, Bethelmendels Int,l Ltd the owners of www.bethelmendels.com.ng, is a conglomerate of companies with interest in Importation, Manufacturing, Printing/packaging services, Corporate branding/gift items and wholesale online store business.

In 2012, we launched the first ever online wholesale store in Nigeria. Between 2012 till date we have over 1000 resellers of our various general commodities and innovative products. Our wholesale online store has over 500 hot selling products that cut across security/spy gadgets, home appliances, rechargeable items, phones and accessories, bags/luggages, fashion/clothing, gift items and kitchen products. The amazing things about some of our products are the uniqueness and attractive profit margin our numerous resellers enjoy

Our company is a major distributor and representative to big manufacturing companies both in Asian and  European countries

Our Nigeria Head office Address

27, Atinuke Olabanji Street,Balogun bus/ stop,

Off Obafemi Awolowo Way,

Ikeja, Lagos

An amazing opportunity that would change your life forever!!!!!!

My good friend, this opportunity  to become our reseller, will change your life forever! Now you don’t have any excuse why you can’t start your personal business today. We have made everything ready for you to activate . The ball is now in your court, to take the needed action.  Now see what you would get as our reseller

1.       As a re-seller of our products we would set-up for you a standard Online (e-commerce) website replica of www.bethelmendels.com.ng

The ecommerce website is personalized for you- www.yourname.com

It will also contain all the products we have on our website- over 500 unique hot selling products

The website will have your personalized physical address, email and phone numbers











  Steps to becoming our Reseller

1.Pay the sum of N100,000 ( Reseller's Registration fee ) to

Account Name: BethelMendels Int’l Ltd

Bank: UBA

Account No:1019513079

Account Name: BethelMendels Int’l Ltd

Bank: Zenith Bank

Account No:1013304037

2. After payment text your name, email, location and phone number to 07065804088.

3.       You will receive a reseller registration/agreement form via email within 48 hrs

4.       Submit your completed registration for to [email protected]

5.       Your Personalized online store will be set up within 2-weeks


Benefits of being our reseller

1. You have a FREE personalized standard e-commerce (online) store- www.yourname.com  ( please note that to build a website of this standard cost about N400,000, you should enquire from website designers)

2.       Your personalized website would contain about 500 hot marketable products ( we would also be uploading new products from time to time


3.       You enjoy attractive profit margin of between 25%- 60% on each product. You purchase at the rock bottom wholesale prices irrespective of the quantity you buy per time

4.       You don’t need huge capital to start as an e-commerce store reseller

5.       You do not need to stock much products/inventory , as you would only  stock goods that are fast selling

6.       As an online store owner, your customer base is not limited to your locality. You sell and deliver nationwide

7.       We would support you with free training on digital marketing to build your online store business. Marketing manual would also be sent to you

8.       Your customers would contact you directly through your personal phone number, email and physical address. So you have full control over your customers

9.       We would support you on how to print cheap flyers and small banners for offline marketing.

10.   Resellers with high monthly sales turnover will enjoy bonuses, discount and rebates

11.   Resellers also enjoy 6 months special entrepreneurship counseling and mentorship to grow their businesses

Please for further enquiry on How To Be A Reseller, contact the Marketing Manager on

08036911296 Email: [email protected]


I want to give special discount for the first 10 people that would make payment for their REGISTRTION as our RESELLER within one week, to pay just N50, 000. Instead of N100,000. Yes you heard me right!! . With only N50, 000, you would register as our Reseller have a FREE (jumia, Konga)  standard website complete with over 500 products and the reseller opportunity to purchase from us at a rock bottom price, making between 40%-705% profit margin on each item.

Call Now 07065804088, 08036911296, 08176727751 to know if this discount offer is still available

             What are you waiting for? Rush to the bank right now to make your payment

    Pay the sum of N50,000 (for reseller registration fee) to

BethelMendels Int’l Ltd




Account Name: BethelMendels Int’l Ltd

Bank: Zenith Bank

Account No:1013304037

Please note that, if you fail to pay within the one week of the special discount offer, then you will have to pay the regular reseller registration fee of  N100,000, and you will lose the N50,000 discount.

Final word!

This is a golden opportunity for you to launch an ecommerce website at a meager cost to you. If I were you, I would grab it with both hands. A standard interactive website cost about N400,000 ( please I don’t mean a cut-and- nail- free-template website, I mean jumia or konga type website, that is what we have). Everything is set for you-the website, the products and even marketing training and 6 month counseling and mentorship.

Let me remind you my friend. Your present condition in life will not change automatically until you make a move! If you like don’t act on this opportunity. Continue to blame Buhari and the present economic conditions for woes. What you don’t even know is that this seemly bad economy is also creating an immense opportunity for smart people who understand the economic value of problems.

Remember your today’s decision is your tomorrow’s reality!

I wish you abundant success!  

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