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Intelligent Bulb

Product Code: Intelligent Bulb
Availability: In Stock
Unit Price:
₦2,300.00/ Piece

Wholesale Price:
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5 - 9 ₦2,800.00
10 - 49 ₦2,500.00
50 + ₦2,300.00

Product Description

This is a very special and intelligent LED bulb, when you use it daily, the rechargeable battery inside will be charged, when suddenly blackout, the bulb will still work, very useful light for somewhere need emergency lighting. 

- When there is electricity in your socket, it is a normal LED bulb, when blackout, it will be a emergency bulb keep working. 

- Electrostatic induction switch, the bulb will be automatically re-start after 1sec blackout, you can also touch it to start like the picture show. 
(Pls refer to below "remarks" to konw how to test the emergency lighting function.) 

- Electrostatic induction switch, If you want to turn off emergency lighting, you only need turn off the switch of your socket just like turn off a normal bulb. 

- The battery can support working about 3 hours. 
(brightness will decrease automatically to lengthen working hours.) 

- Led Intelligent Bulb ( Good for hotels and homes e.g rooms and kitchen, you do not need to on Gen because your wife wants to cook again with this bulb just on the light.

- Comes on with electricity power or without electricity power operated through same on and off switch.

  • With sharp  brightness
  • 50,000 life span ( 5yrs 6 months)
  • When you buy this bulb it will take a long time
  • before you think of buying bulb again
  • standby time 6-8hrs full brightness



1. How to test the bulb? first, test it by finger or metal wire, bulb lighten means emergency system work. (The best way to test emergency lighting function is prepare a removable socket, connect the removable socket with wall socket, when pull out the plug of removable socket from wall socket, the bulb will blackout in 2 seconds then re-start, have a try.) 
2. If your finger can not lighten the bulb, maybe battery have no power, pls charge several minutes first, if finger still can not, pls try metal wire.


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