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Fuel Saver Shark

Product Code: CFS-SHARK01
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Fuel Saver Shark


Benefits of Fuel Saver Shark 

  • ·         Easy to carry and convenient to use.
  • ·         Start saving gas consumption by 10% to 30% immediately.
  • ·         Designed for 12V cigarette lighter sockets
  • ·         Increase your car's mileage just by plugging it into your cigarette lighter socket.
  • ·         Lower emission, low power consumption and longer battery life.

Product Information

"It may seem incredible, but true - the fuel consumption of my car already 3.2l / 100km !!!"

Constantly rising oil prices no longer bother me. Each month, saving up to 75% of the money previously spent on gasoline.

Just include savings!

Are you tired of the constant increase in gasoline prices? Are you tired of the incredible amounts you spend each month just to drive your car from home to the office? Experts say that the Nigerians will feel a new increase in petrol after the price per barrel rose again. Price increases and damages that inflict irreparable nature. With this device will save not only money, but also help the environment. Do you want to breathe clean air and to live in an unpolluted world?

Plug the fuel shark into your car or truck's cigarette lighter adapter or dual adapter before turning the ignition on

Start your vehicle. The LED light in your fuel Shark will come on.

Start driving. It's that easy. Your fuel shark will last for approximately 3 years before you need to replace it



Put an end to the ever-increasing bills. Include innovative device Fuel Saver shark  adapter to the cigarette lighter in your car.  The technology is based on an innovative and revolutionary method that is designed to save up to 70% of the fuel consumption of any type of car. Fuel Saver Shark starts working the moment you turn it on and so saves fuel and money. Should be included in the cigarette lighter adapter.

Fuel Saver shark  optimizes and improves circuit. It also provides your car stable voltage and so your car  run better with less fuel.  The benefit of stabilizing the electrical system of the car, the engine is fed a constant spark. The result is less fuel car, less money for fuel and cleaner emissions


The components of the electrical system of your car are internally connected. To improve the performance of your car, there should be no interference in the circuit. In many cars distorted due to many extra devices, batteries, candles and other parts.

To maintain optimum environment for the electrical system to reduce fuel consumption for 100 kilometers, the car you need a stable voltage.Fuel Saver shark  provides you just that. It is a multifunctional electric stabilizer. The design of the Fuel Saver shark immediately stabilize the electrical system of your car and the result is a better move the car with less fuel consumption. By stabilizing the electrical system of the car, one of the biggest advantages is that the engine is fed equally hectic without interference, and the result is less fuel consumption. Power increases, fuel per 100 km and reduced emissions are limited.

This revolutionary device allows people to save money on fuel and simultaneously to keep the environment clean in a very accessible way. This innovative technology helps users to improve the course of his car. No complicated schemes and additional fees for installation. Simply plug Fuel  Saver  Shark in the cigarette lighter adapter and when you see the light on Fuel Sharp Saver shine, know that it works and saves you money.

According to satisfied customers fuel consumption of their vehicles has decreased by between 50% and 70%.

  • Taiwo Oladele (Ogun State) "My father was a mechanic and I knew little of what I want to be grow up. Work gives me great pleasure. But sometimes Low quality gasoline or problems with the electrical system of the car cause higher cost of gasoline. But Fuel Sharp Saver is the key to solving such problems. I personally tested it on his personal car and the results were stunning"
  • Nina charles. (Lagos state) Description: http://www.fuelsharksaver.com/bg/images/qup.jpgI have to drive every day - keep kids in school all day riding around town, meet with clients. In addition, we all know that the traffic in the city is terrible, so imagine how much money you spend on fuel ... But now found Fuel  Saver shark  and my fuel consumption decreased significantly. Money I save and spend on children themselves!Description: http://www.fuelsharksaver.com/bg/images/qdown.jpg
  • Segun (Abuja Description: http://www.fuelsharksaver.com/bg/images/qup.jpgMy car is 4years old and I bought it second-hand from some who claimed to be in great condition.But it was not true - spent 8-10 / 100km !!! I could not afford to spend so much for gasoline  then I  saw an advertisment of  Fuel Saver Shark and decided to test it with my car, Immediately I noticed that my car spends less and run better. Optimal operation of the car affects fuel consumption - is now half.Description: http://www.fuelsharksaver.com/bg/images/qdown.jpg


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