Alarm Door Lock
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Alarm Door Lock

Product Code: S110
Availability: 300
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₦5,000.00/ Piece

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Alarm Door Lock

Short description

It triggers alarm sound when an intruder shakes or makes attempt to burgle a door.


 1. It will be triggered to alarm when somebody is spying or smashing the locks.

 2.180 high-decibel siren alarm; effective deterrent to criminals;

 3.Automatically armed after two laps rotation.

 4. Padlock with three core key, more keys, low rate of interactive opened, high security;

 5. No remote control, only the key to arm and disarm;

 6. Electromechanical integration control, all-round protection;

 7. The same way install with the ordinary locks



 When you go out and close your door, rotate two laps the padlock with the key so that close the door lock, means the lock was armed. It will be automatically triggered to alarm and effective detrrent to criminals with the 180 high-decibel siren alarm if the lock was pried .

 It is more easy to operate because of integrate arm and disarme to one same acts. Alarm door lock is a special security door lock that triggers alarm sound when an intruder shakes or makes an attempt to burgle a door. The triggered alarm scares away burglar, armed robbers and kidnappers.

The lock is most suitable for use in important places e.g HOMES, BANKS, OFFICE, BUILDING , SHOPS AND HOTELS It is powered by a small single battery (available in any super market)

Sound capacity: 500 decibel


BM Alarm door lock is designed like the popular Jam lock, but with a special security feature that triggers alarm sound when the door shaken. Just like the normal jam lock that last two locking feature: lock-bolt and lock latch.

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