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Rechargeable Products

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Solar and Electric Rechargeable Lantern With Bright Day Light and Dimmer Features:  Ho..
₦5,000.00/ Piece
Multi-Functional Rechargeable Fan Fan blower Specially designed table lamp can be adjusted 90"..
₦12,000.00/ Piece
 Rechargeable Front and Side Torch Red - Color: Red - Material: Rubber housing - Emitter..
₦700.00/ Piece
Solar and Electric Torch To Charge drop in the window early in the morning it starts charging ..
₦1,500.00/ Piece
16inches  Rechargeable Stand Fan with Remote control 100% Copper coil Blade 16 Usb 5V ..
₦22,000.00/ Piece
Rocco 16"  Rechargeable Stand Fan  Usb 5V Output 12V DC input 1500 round per minu..
₦19,500.00/ Piece
16" Rechargeable  Standing Mist Fan  12V7AH Rechargeable battery with overcharg..
₦32,000.00/ Piece
18inches  Rechargeable Stand Fan with Remote control 100% Copper coil Blade 18 Usb 5V ..
₦22,000.00/ Piece
Electric and Solar Rechargeable Torch, Long range night view light can be able to see someone as ..
₦2,500.00/ Piece
Rechargeable 360 degree day light with dimmer ..
₦3,000.00/ Piece
Rechargeable 360" rotate lantern with dimmer function Designed  for those that reads in the ..
₦4,000.00/ Piece
Key Features Powerful Standing fan creates smooth airflow without fast-spinning blades. Safe..
₦25,000.00/ Piece
Good for homes like bedroom or parlor,assuming you wake up late night to urinate with this you do ..
₦3,000.00/ Piece
16inches  Rechargeable Stand Fan with Remote control (2) 12V 7Ah Lead-acid Battery 4 pc..
₦21,000.00/ Piece
Rocco 16"  Rechargeable Stand Fan with USB and Charging Indicator (2) 12V 7Ah Lead-acid B..
₦23,500.00/ Piece
This products will save you money over a   period time in energy cost.  The products are I..
₦45,000.00/ Piece
Solar and electric rechargeable 360" rotate lantern Bright day light with light dimmer knob 16..
₦4,000.00/ Piece
Nippo lantern Led Lantern rechargeable Features: Flood torch Light, Lantern Powers li..
₦14,000.00/ Piece