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Security & Surveillance

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Short description It triggers alarm sound when an intruder shakes or makes attempt to burgle a do..
₦8,000.00/ Piece
It makes siren noise when touched or senses vibration. This Lock Alarm is a hardened steel padlock w..
₦5,000.00/ Piece
Smoke detectors are one of those amazing inventions that, because of mass production, cost practical..
₦4,000.00/ Piece
This device allows you to spy anyone in any place Operation:  User Guide Simply..
₦12,000.00/ Piece
The world`s smallest pinhole camera is built in a disguised room socket. It`s hard to distinguis..
₦12,000.00/ Piece
Features Smallest DVR core The world smallest DVR core built-in 2GB flash memory Buil..
₦6,000.00/ Piece
Video   HOW IT WORKS  Sunglasses spy camera, 720*480 VGA with industry-leadin..
₦15,000.00/ Piece
Mini spy button camera with audio and color video recording, perfectly sized to be put inside a chew..
₦12,000.00/ Piece
This product is a kind of mini camera that is hiden in a hat for spy recording Features T..
₦20,000.00/ Piece
 Video The ClockCamDVR is designed for users who want to discreetly monitor their visito..
₦20,000.00/ Piece
Video This Pen has a hidden video camera for spy recording. This hidden camera pen has dua..
₦7,000.00/ Piece
This watch has a hidden video camera for spy recording.The wristwatch camera is a highly multifu..
₦12,000.00/ Piece
Internet-ready protection for your home or business 24/7 Includes 4 all-weather, high resolutio..
₦70,000.00/ Piece
Adjustable sensitivity adjustment potentiometer (widening the scope to improve the sensitivity or..
₦15,000.00/ Piece
The security camera can offer you the freedom to get your home and business surveillance via LAN or ..
₦0.00/ Piece