Spacetek 12″ Exhaust Fan With Shutter

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Spacetek 12" Exhaust Fan With Shutter

Bathroom, toilet and kitchen are the places with high concentration of contaminants. When these places are being used, ventilating fans should be operated to extract the pollutants (humid air, mold, mildew, dust, odors and chemicals) directly to the outside before they spread throughout the room. Kitchen Quickly extract cooking smell and oil fume from the room. Bathroom/Toilet Quickly remove moisture from bathroom and odor from toilet. Bedroom Extract moist air when you sleep to wake up feeling refreshed. Dining Room/Living Room Remove cigarette smoke and moisture for a more comfortable environment. With protective back cover that closes automatically in switch off mode, you don’t worry about rats, lizards, etc. passing through the fan.

• Easy Installation

• Thermal Safety Fuse

• Excellent Exhaust performance

• Powerful, Efficient and Durable Condenser Moto

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