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mattress pro


  • Worn on new mattress as a protector cover
  • Worn or naked, dirty torn mattress as a new cover-no need to buy a brand new mattress anymore.
  • Designed with a zipper, while one side resistant mackintosh.
  • The water resistant mackintosh is ideal for nursing mothers as a baby urine cannot penetrate to soil the mattress.
  • It preserve the life span of mattress saving you the cost of frequent replacement.
  • It enhances the cleanliness of mattress as the dirty protector can be worn off to be washed. Remember that dirty mattresses which the clothes are sown to the mattress cannot be washed. Hence one does not contract skin disease from sleeping on dirty mattresses.

Are you burdened with your children urinating while they sleep or tired of spreading your mattress in the sun because of fluid spills? or your mattress is othorpaedic and is giving you pains because of its hardness

Currently we have quality mattress protectors and lovely throws for sale for individuals, homes, hotels, hospitals and schools, they come in different sizes.

Mattress protectors are designed to prolong the life of your mattress by protecting it from sweat, spills, urine and more and also to provide you with even more comfort when you sleep. You can keep your mattress smelling fresh as well, since it’s easy to remove and wash. Our mattress protector is machine washable and also does not ooze out heat like the Macintosh.

Also, we have adults and children quality bed spreads in lovely colours and sizes.

21/6 bulk n1300
41/2 6 bulk N2000
6×6 bulk n2500
7×7 bulk n3000
(minimum 50pcs)

2 Comments on "Mattress Protector"

  1. sunny aga May 23, 2014 at 10:26 pm · Reply

    How can I get this matrass protector ?

  2. james May 28, 2014 at 5:10 pm · Reply

    Please I don’t understand your analysis of the cost price. If am buying 50 pcs of 4×6, how much will it cost? Can I also buy half of that. You didn’t do the profit analysis aLso like the other items. Thanks

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